The Hell Hole (also known as The Victory) is a stage production relevant to today’s modern society. It addresses issues in peoples lives by means of real life scenes and is tied together with Biblical principles. It allows the audience to not only be exposed to the truth of the Scriptures, but also to the powerful medium of the theater. It portrays how evil forces influence the lives of ordinary people. This is done through lies and manipulation, which in turn makes people act in ways contradictory to their morals and values. Every decision that one takes has a consequence that leads to either blessing or curse and ultimately – life or death. But, because we as humans are weak, there is a solution that helps us in these decisions – Jesus Christ.

Some issues include alcohol abuse, sex before marriage that may lead to an unwanted pregnancy, the danger of contracting the HIV/Aids virus, the devastating effects of drugs, gangsterism, self-righteousness, etc. Each individual has the choice to choose not to listen to the evil forces’ manipulation but to make a life giving choice.

Testimonies are still being heard of lives that has been changed and of dramatic salvations that happened. The Hell Hole/The Victory is therefore a powerful evangelistic tool, not only restricted to those with the evangelical anointing, but also to the whole congregation as means of reaching the unsaved.


In 1989 David was prompted to write The Hell Hole and together with Senior Pastor Henk Straus' input and the leading of the Holy Spirit this production saw the light. The Hell Hole takes an in-depth look at how the forces of darkness operate in everyday life situations, manipulating people to do things that are contrary to their moral standards and norms. It addresses modern day issues and puts the audience before a choice between life and death, blessing or curse and ultimately, heaven or hell.

Invitations to host the production at churches started to come and since then I have been to many churches to produce this play. We travelled around South Africa, in Namibia as well as Perth, Australia.

Since 2012, Marius van Staden, took over The Hell Hole and produced it in several churches accross South Africa and Namibia. I can highly recommend him.


There is an awaking of the creative arts ministry in the church and this is the opportunity to expose your church to it. A team of actors, technical workers, stage hands, etc. are been trained during this time. We find that under this anointing, the creative arts gifting is stirred up in the congregation. Soon there will be a group of artists operating in their God given artistic gifting resulting in the opening of a new dimension which will benefit the congregation greatly

By producing The Hell Hole, the host church benefits in the following areas:
- One of the most effective ways of reaching the unsaved and the unchurched!
- Evangelize & win your city for Jesus through the powerful medium of the Arts.
- Lives are impacted and changed throughout the church and community
- Congregation members take ownership of and pride in their church as they see the exposure thereof and lives being changed
- Exposure to the wonderful medium of the arts
- A new unity is experienced by everyone involved
- A drama group is established

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