Exciting News!!!!!
Our latest Stage Production will premiere soon.
Dates and venue to be released

In a world filled with many different challenges and struggles, there is a Quest for the deeper meaning of life. During our life’s journey, situations arise where decisions have to be made—these decisions determine the outcome which ultimately result in either life or death.

The Quest is a stage production about the life and struggles of the Andrews family. Issues that are explored are the effects of absent fathers on their children, the devastation of drug usage, social media, abortion, religion, desperation, suicide and more.

Combined with biblical principles, The Quest portrays the raging spiritual battle between good and evil in a persons’ life. Either good or bad, there is an outcome, but the decision is in your hands.

In the end there will be a final battle in the heavens, Christ will return as the Victor and Bridegroom, taking His glorious Bride with Him.

Will you be part of the Bride? Or will your decisions keep you away from this glorious end time event.

The Quest! Your decisions determine the outcome of your eternity.

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